Meet Dawn Davis Lawrence - Founder of Vision School of Ministry

Dawn refers to the early light that appears in the sky before sunrise, marking the beginning of daylight and the transition from night to day. It is the moment when the first rays of the sun start to illuminate the horizon, casting a soft and gentle glow across the landscape.  This so aptly speaks also of Dawn Davis Lawrence, for with every sunrise, Dawn carries the promise of renewed possibilities and a steadfast determination to overcome challenges. She stands as a symbol of strength, inspiring others to embrace each new day with hope and optimism. Just as the dawn breaks through the night sky, Dawn breaks through barriers, illuminating paths of healing and transformation. She embodies the spirit of a warrior, unyielding in the face of adversity. Her unwavering faith in God and the power of prayer fuels her ministry and empowers her to rise above the struggles that threaten to consume her. She serves as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the triumph of light over darkness..

Currently resides in the East Midlands, she diligently oversees Greater Works Ministries. Her latest endeavor involves establishing a church community center offering an array of services, including a gym, training facilities, a salon, community engagement activities, a vibrant youth dance studio, and a welcoming community cafe.

Dawn's passion for sharing God's message extends beyond the pulpit. She frequently delights her social media following with live broadcasts of her invigorating walks alongside her energetic dogs. In both her life and her teachings, Dawn embodies the mantra she often preaches: "Work out what God worked in you!"

For ministry invitations, please reach out via email: [email protected]

To learn more about Dawn's work and her well-being initiatives, or to book her for your event visit her websites:


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