Women in Christian Leadership: Called by God, Opposed by Man

Jan 29, 2024


Women in Christian leadership have long been called by God to serve and lead within their communities. However, throughout history, they have often faced opposition and resistance from men who believe that leadership roles should be reserved for men. Despite these challenges, women have persevered and made significant contributions to the Christian faith.

The Call of God

Just like men, women are called by God to serve and lead in various capacities within the church. The Bible affirms the gifts and calling of women, recognizing their ability to teach, prophesy, and serve in leadership roles. Women such as Deborah, Esther, and Mary Magdalene played crucial roles in the biblical narrative, demonstrating that God's call is not limited by gender.

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Historical Opposition

Despite the biblical examples of women in leadership, there has been a long-standing opposition to women taking on prominent roles within the church. This opposition is often rooted in cultural and traditional beliefs that prioritize male leadership. Women have faced discrimination and exclusion from positions of authority, limiting their ability to fully exercise their gifts and talents.

Overcoming Barriers

Despite the challenges, women in Christian leadership have persisted and overcome barriers. They have fought for gender equality within the church, advocating for their right to serve and lead alongside men. Many women have paved the way for future generations by breaking through glass ceilings and challenging societal norms.

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Impact and Contributions

Women in Christian leadership have made significant contributions to the growth and development of the church. They have brought unique perspectives, insights, and gifts to their roles, enriching the overall ministry. Women have been instrumental in areas such as pastoral care, teaching, missions, and social justice initiatives.

Support and Empowerment

Support and empowerment are crucial for women in Christian leadership. It is essential for both men and women within the church to recognize and affirm the gifts and calling of women. By providing opportunities for leadership, mentoring, and training, the church can create an environment that fosters the growth and development of women leaders.

Women Christian Leadership

Continuing the Journey

The journey for women in Christian leadership is ongoing. While progress has been made, there is still work to be done to ensure gender equality within the church. It is important for individuals and communities to challenge gender biases, dismantle barriers, and create inclusive spaces where women can thrive and fulfill their God-given calling.

Celebrating Women in Christian Leadership

As we reflect on the contributions of women in Christian leadership, let us celebrate their achievements and honour their perseverance. Let us support and empower women to step into leadership roles, recognising the value they bring to the church and the Kingdom of God.

Women Christian Leadership


Women in Christian leadership are called by God and have a vital role to play in the advancement of the Kingdom. Despite opposition and challenges, women have continued to lead, inspire, and transform lives. It is time to embrace their leadership and work together towards a more inclusive and equitable future within the church.